The Poseidon Jet

Poseidon Jet

The Poseidon Jet

Softub has introduced new hydrotherapy jet engineering in a special model of the Softub Resort 300 spa: the Softub Poseidon 300. This jet can be set to divert the entire force of the HydraMate pack into one powerful stream (firehose!) of water that you use for the ultimate hydrotherapy massage. This one jet has a ridiculous amount of power, and it can be controlled in a variety of ways.

Divert Water Power Left, Right And Center

Poseidon jet face
The Poseidon’s jet face functions as a valve that allows you to direct the force of the Hydramate to one side of the spa, the other side of the spa, or only to the Poseidon jet itself.

Turn once and the right-side jets of the spa are on, with the left side turned off. Turn again and only the left-side jets are on, with the right side turned off. One more turn and you have diverted ALL the jet pressure to the Poseidon Jet, creating a powerful hydrotherapy stream that is great for deep tissue massage.

The Poseidon Whirlpool

Every Softub® spa with the Poseidon Jet option comes with an “Elbow Diverter,” which turns the force of the Poseidon Jet at an angle. Simply insert the Elbow Diverter directly into the center of the Poseidon jet to divert all water pressure into ONE flowing direction. Your Softub® spa will quickly establish the whirlpool effect, allowing you to take advantage of TRUE hydrotherapy…the rapid flow of hot water around your body!

Bonus Lighting

As an added value, any new Softub® spa purchased with the Poseidon Jet feature will also include a duel LED lighting package to further enhance your Softub® spa experience.

How Do I Order?

The Poseidon Jet option is only available to be ordered on the Poseidon 300 model, and it is available only with the SynTex™ Series Vinyl colors shown below.

The MSRP of this special Poseidon 300 spa with the Poseidon Jet built in, is $6195.00.

Come to our showroom to see the Poseidon Jet in action and to get better-than-MSRP pricing.

Bring your bathing suit if you’re ready to feel the Poseidon Jet for yourself!

Poseidon Jet Colors