Softub Poseidon 300

Softub Poseidon 300 | 6 Person Spa

The Poseidon 300 is the turbo-charged version of the Resort 300. It features the newly-engineered Poseidon Jet, which can direct the entire force of the Softub Hydromate pack through a single massive jet. It has the Resort 300 bench, plus extra LED lighting to brighten your nights.

  • Direct the full force of the spa through the Poseidon Jet onto single part of your back.
  • When attached to your Poseidon Jet, the Elbow Diverter turns your spa into a 300-gallon whirlpool.
  • Use the Poseidon Jet’s valve to direct all of your Hydromate’s pressure to one side of the spa or the other.
  • The Poseidon 300 comes only in the new set of Syntex external vinyl colors (see below).
  • The Poseidon 300 has dual LED color-changing lights.
  • People over six feet tall especially appreciate finally having a spa where they can soak up to their shoulders in hot water. Many acrylic spas seats are actually shallow compared to the Poseidon 300.
  • A shorter person can achieve the same comfort and depth using the hydrotherapy bench.
  • The extra 80 gallons in the Poseidon 300 allows for four adults to fit very comfortably in the spa with room for two more.
  • The Poseidon 300 has the same low electrical cost-of-operation as the Resort 300 – ranging from $12.00 to $18.00 per month (with the temperature set at 104 degrees).

Poseidon Jet

The Poseidon Jet

The new Poseidon Jet is a diverter valve/jet assembly that can send the entire force of the Hydramate motor into one powerful stream of water – straight at your back or around the spa in a whirlpool. Read More About The Poseidon Jet Here or watch the Poseidon Jet video below.

  • Softub Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price $6195.00.
  • You’ll save even more if you live in the 805 area. Come to our showroom to save!
  • The Poseidon 300 includes the following: Softub®, split lid, security straps, HydroMate motor unit, pre-installed jets, an accessory bag including a foam connector cover with matching exterior cover, filter, owner’s manual, warranty card, large assembly sheet and water treatment kit.
  • Price does not include delivery or sales tax.
  • Price does not include wicker surround as shown above.

Poseidon Jet Colors