Softub Models

Softub Models

Just A Few Things To Consider About Softub:

Softub deck

  • Fits perfectly into any decor.
  • The lowest energy-cost spa in the country because of the ingenious patented heat recovery system that captures the waste heat from the pump/motor system.
  • Quiet, comfortable, easy maintenance.
  • No matter what size Softub you purchase, you’ll be getting the most energy-efficient, truly portable hot tub for your dollar.
  • Fully adjustable thermostat to set the temperature where you want it to be, anywhere from 80 to 106 degrees.
  • The height of the Softub doesn’t require steps to get into, yet is often deeper hip to shoulder than many acrylic spas.

The Best in Seating Comfort

Softub deckIt’s soft on the sides and soft where you sit: like sitting on a cushioned recliner!

Some of the nice, big acrylic spas have one seat to stretch out on – but only one. The rest of the seats in hard tubs are upright, and the center foot well/bucket fills up with peoples’ feet pretty fast.

You can easily imagine the many comfortable positions you can assume ina Softub. You don’t need pre-formed seats to be comfortable. You’ll discover that you actually prefer not having all of the nooks and crannies an acrylic spa forces you into.

After 28 years, Softub is still the preferred spa for many, who find it to be more comfortable than a hard spa.

Our barrier free seating allows you to sit in the water any way you like:

  • Sideways.
  • Stretched out as on a lounge chair.
  • One foot under the other.
  • Even on your knees.
  • Lying stretched out, with the pulsating jets massaging your hips or shoulders.

Softub deck

Sanctuary Relief

Relax into the water and soothe away those aches and pains. Enjoy the stimulation of hot water therapy. Melt away tension at the end of the day while you relax and unwind in comfort before slipping into bed. Night after night you will have the best rest you’ve ever experienced. If you are a morning person, get pampered with a hot water soak to calmly conquer the day after an early-morning exercise routine.