Softub Features

Softub Features


Heat without a Heater

Our heat exchange pump generates hot water with heat produced by the motor. Eliminate expensive heaters and high electric bills from operating costs.

Hi-Tech. Softub’s heat exchanger tubing absorbs the heat from its motor to warm your spa to the desired temperature. The heat exchange system is both more reliable and much more energy efficient than a typical spa heating element, meaning no high amperage draw to your electricity bill. In addition, the state-of-the-art molded foam shell and easy-to-attach insulated connection hoses retain the heat and reduce noise. In a climate with an average 65 degrees temperature, the typical Softub requires only 2-4 kW hours of electricity per day to stay at 102 degrees and always ready for use. That’s quite a savings!



The cord-mounted, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter provides electrical safety. This intelligent GFCI prevents operation if the cord is connected to an outlet that is not grounded. If a fault is detected, the electricity is immediately interrupted, protecting the bathers. It includes “Test” and “Reset” buttons to regularly test safety before use.

Plug Into a Standard 115V Outlet

Your Softub® Spa plugs into a dedicated, 3-prong- 115V, 15 Amp outlet!

Smart Chip

Softub could easily be called a Smartub because its Smart Chip can recognize low power situations and shut off your tub before any damaging your unit. When the Smart Chip senses a voltage drop, it will shut down the power to the motor. Then, when voltage returns to a normal level, the Smart Chip turns everything back on. After a power outage, Smart Chip automatically resets the temperature to 100 degrees. Thanks to Smart Chip, the potential for damage to the Softub electronics and motor is significantly reduced.


Digital Controls

Digital temperature readout allows you to set your desired temperature up to 106 degrees.

Tough & Durable

Marine grade Weathertex™ vinyl stands up to many extremes, indoors or out. Softub Colors.

Five Year Limited Warranty.

Download Warranty (PDF).


No Fuss Filter

Automatic Filtering Timer. The simple 30 sq. ft. cartridge filter is easy to change, and will keep your Softub sparkling clean and free of debris.


Locking Covers

All Softub Folding covers are equipped with combination locking straps and are designed and constructed in accordance with ASTM standards when the locks are installed properly.



The Softub comes equipped with a multi-colored light with (9) options. We use a changeable color light, safe 12 volt LED system, mounted on the inside wall of the Softub. LED lights last many more years than a light bulb.