Easy Setup

A Softub Is Amazingly Easy To Set Up, Indoors Or Out

Bullfrog Spa Interior 600

Bullfrog Spas Look Like This

Clean, Simple, Efficient

The JetPak does away with the need for 90% of the pipes of a conventional spa. A few feet of high pressure 2-inch piping delivers surging water directly to each JetPak and to you. Each tub’s piping is confined to the bottom of the tub, allowing Bullfrog’s engineers to solidly insulate the outer walls of the spa. As a result, according to the California Energy Commission, Bullfrog Spas are the most energy efficient spas on the market.

Softub Roll


It Weighs Only 75 Pounds

Roll your spa into position. Your Softub® can be rolled through any standard doorway or yard gate with ease. Your tub weighs less than 75 lbs! Anyone can move it from place to place. If you want to place your Softub® outside during the summer and inside during the winter, moving it is a snap. You may also easily try it out in different places in your landscape for the perfect fit.